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Gründerinnenzentrale – Navigation Towards Independence was set up in 2006 in Berlin in order to increase networking among women who want to set up their own business, women entrepreneurs and business experts. It is located at WeiberWirtschaft eG , Europe's largest women's cooperative and business centre. The centres principle is to support gender equality in the social life and employment through a better labour market integration and respect of diversity trough tailored services for different women groups. This is in line with the policy priorities of the Senat for Work, Integration and Women of Berlin, that aims to support the equality of women and men in the labour market and improvement of the reconciliation of work and family life, including the provision of adequate training opportunities.


Since 2006 over 10.000 women contacted the Gründerinnenzentrale. The meetings have been attended by more than 3.700 women and the website is visited more than 30.000 times a year.

According to an evaluation, over 80% continue their idea to set up a business after the first contact or take part at seminars. About 50% has opened up a business after half a year, about 25% are still in process to do so and 15% give up their idea. Overall there is a high satisfaction with the services offered, only 3% are not satisfied.

You want to be self-employed and are looking for advice on starting up a business? We recommend information-centres in Berlin for women wanting to get ahead in business.

You are planning to set up a business and don’t know how and where to start? The Gründerinnenzentrale, your first point of call for starting a business, will help you plan the next steps towards starting your own company and will inform you about networking possibilities – specially for women.

You have a business idea and want to hear an opinion about it? We provide you with experts who can test the feasibility of your idea.

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